Neil J. Duncan - A Personalised CD of Elvis Songs

Ever bought a CD to find that you only like a few songs on it?
What about if YOU could actually choose all of the songs on the CD.
Well now you can!!

Neil has thought of a unique idea where you can create your own 'PERSONALISED C.D.'
Just take a look through the songs below and click on 12 of your favourites. Complete the order form and your CD will arrive within a few days personally signed by Neil.

Priced at £10.00 + postage and packing.

All songs are recorded by Neil J Duncan in a Tribute to Elvis.
Order now for your personalised CD or maybe as an ideal gift to someone special.

Please choose 12 tracks for your CD from the 12 lists below (choose a track from the lists by clicking on the 'down arrow' to the right of the white box):

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* Medley 1 - Surrender/Latest Flame/Wooden Heart/Lonesome Tonight/In the Ghetto
** Medley 2 - Canít Help Falling in Love/You Donít Have to Say/I Believe/Crying in the Chapel/Youíll Never Walk Alone